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Training, Improve your knowledge & IASS Drop ins

On this page you will find information about the latest:

  • IASS Virtual Drop ins for Parents, Carers and YP
  • Coffee Mornings 
  • Virtual evening drop ins
  •  Training Sessions run by IASS
  • Videos to improve your understanding of SEND processes. 


Bexley Information, Advice & Support Service (IASS) are running:


27th May, 15th July, 16th September & 18th November 2021 at 1pm – 2pm


Or you can come along to a VIRTUAL EVENING SESSION on:
24th June, 21st October 2021 at 7pm-8pm


This is an opportunity for you to meet other parents in a similar situation to yourself and relax over a coffee / tea in a
virtual environment. The sessions will be facilitated by the Bexley IASS Champions. A member of the Bexley IASS team
will come along at the end to answer any questions you may have and give advice relating to your child or young
person’s special educational needs / disability.

If you would like to book a space on a session, please click here BEXLEY IASS  
to contact Bexley IASS by email and let them know you are attending.

Bexley IASS will send the link to join via Microsoft Teams prior to the session.


You are welcome to drop in anytime throughout the session, when you have a spare moment.

 SHIELD would like to invite carers, parents, and members of the community, FLARE and parent champion network to a training workshop on collaborative work with practitioners.

There will be an initial workshop just for carers, parents and community members on the 27th of September (9.30 to midday) which will help us to explore what families would like to communicate to professionals about strengthening relationships. The themes captured at these workshops will be fed back to professionals at a later workshop due to be held on the 25th of October. Parents and carers will have the opportunity to participate and hear from professionals on this date.

The aim of the workshops is to equip families and professionals to engage more positively together and to reach solutions together to address everyday issues and or worries. SHIELD wish to support professionals and families to benefit from restorative practice in a variety of settings and situations.

Please express interest to SHIELD mailbox or contact [email protected] if you would like to take part as a parent or carer in a workshop on the 27th of September which will provide you with opportunity to think about what you think professionals need to reflect on to ensure future conversations about important issues can be more productive for families.

The follow up workshop will run from 9.30 to midday on 25th of October and will be entitled ‘Learning from Bexley Families’.  It will be an opportunity to observe a conversation between some practitioners and FLARE and other parent champions’, with opportunity for all in attendance to feedback and reflect on the session. We hope to encourage all who participate to be able to take the learning to their respective organisations, as individuals, and or to their local community groups and most importantly we want to enrich families’ experiences of building relationships with professionals.

We look forward to hearing from you and will send invites to all of those who express interest, and please do contact SHIELD if you wish to know more!

The SHIELD Team and Bexley Moorings

Bexley Voice Mental Health Focus day - 12th October 2021

To request a place on the Bexley Voice Mental Health day please go to :



Bexley IASS are pleased to invite you to our UNDERSTANDING SEN SUPPORT workshop for parents of children & young people with special educational needs and / or a disability ( SEND ).

The workshop has been designed by the Bexley IAS Service and the Bexley IASS Parent Task & Finish Group which comprises parents / carers of SEND children & young people.

Who is the workshop aimed at: The workshop is ideal for Bexley parents / carers of children & young people with SEND who DO NOT HAVE AN EHCP currently.

The objectives of the workshop are: We want parents to come away from the training session feeling empowered and be able to:

  • Understand what Special Educational needs are.
  • Understand the education model – assess, plan, do, review.
  • Understand the process of SEN Support.
  • Confidently request SEN meetings with professionals.

Virtual Platform workshop : You will be able to access the Microsoft Teams link to the event on your confirmation email


For more information contact [email protected] or contact us on 0203 045 5976



Empowering you by improving your understanding of SEND process.

Bexley IASS believe very strongly in empowering Parents, Carers, Children and Young People to have a voice and to be able to participate fully in decisions affecting education, health and social care.

We have developed lots of information on the most common questions we are asked by Parents, Carers and Young People and we hope you find this information useful in increasing your knowledge and understanding of SEND processes. Please click on the relevant link below:

What does SEN Support in school mean? : Get Informed – EDUCATION: SEN Support – Bexley IASS

What is an EHCP and when can I apply? : Get Informed – The Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP) – Bexley IASS

My child is off school due to a medical / health condition. What do I do? : Equality & Inclusion | Bexley IASS

My child has been excluded. What do i do now? : Exclusion | Bexley IASS

My child cannot attend school due to anxiety. What are my rights? : Attendance | Bexley IASS

Am I entitled to apply for school transport? Transport | Bexley IASS

I want to work more closely with the school to support my child: Working with the School & other Professionals | Bexley IASS

I need support to prepare for a meeting with the school / other professionals: Working with the School & other Professionals | Bexley IASS

I don’t understand my rights? Understanding your rights (

What is disagreement Resolution? Get Informed – Disagreement Resolution & Mediation – Bexley IASS

What is Mediation? Get Informed – Disagreement Resolution & Mediation – Bexley IASS

How do I appeal to the SENDist Tribunal? Get Informed – SENDist Tribunal- Bexley IASS

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please click onto the Information and Advice section of this website for lots more information on a range of subjects relating to SEND. 

Please call the IASS helpline if you need to discuss your issue further on 0203 045 5976 or email us at [email protected]

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