Welcome to the Bexley Information Advice & Support Service (IASS)

IASS is an impartial & confidential service offering information, advice and support to parents and carers of children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) and young people with SEND up to 25 years.

Bexley IASS aims to promote good working relationships between children, young people, parents, education settings and the Local Authority (Council), whilst seeking to empower parents to play an active and informed role in their child’s education.

We can support parents, carers, children and young people in a number of ways. Providing a range of services which are:

  • Confidential, accessible and FREE.
  • Provided by IASS staff who are independently trained.
  • Working within the obligations and expectations as set out in Chapter 2 of the SEND Code of Practice.
  • Bexley IASS will respond to you within 5 working days 

To access our advice & information sections of this website please click below: 

What is IASS:

How IASS must be run:

Meeting the Minimum Standards

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