Welcome to the Bexley Information, Advice and Support Service (IASS)

We are trained by IPSEA through the National IASS network. This is accredited legal training, so that we can give you the most accurate and current information based on legislation and guidance.

We provide impartial and confidential information and advice about the local authority’s policies and procedures and about the policy and practice in local schools and other settings.

Under the 2015 SEND Code of Practice, children and young people have a right to confidential and impartial information, advice and support, regardless of their age or mental capacity.

Whilst the Code suggests that many children and young people will access services via their parents or carers; services must make it possible for them to access services separately if they wish.

What does impartial mean:

At Bexley IASS we follow a national set of Quality Standards for services providing impartial information, advice and support developed by the Department for Education, Parents, Carers and the Network of Information, Advice and Support Services.

This helps us to monitor the effectiveness of our service we provide and ensure that it is ‘at arm’s length’ from the local authority.

By this we mean that we act, and are seen to act, separately and impartially, with no undue influence or control from either the local authority or the Clinical Commissioning Group in our area. 


What does confidential mean:


Confidential means that you do not tell other people. Everything that we talk about in our meetings will be kept private and confidential. This means we will not share your information with other people outside the IASS service, including parents, teachers or social workers. We might tell our managers so they can check our work, and we might make notes on our computers so we can remember our discussions. We will keep all of this information safe.
The only time we will break confidentiality and tell someone is if;

  • you give us permission by saying it is ok, or,
  • we think that someone might be in danger of being hurt. In that case, we would need to tell someone to make sure that everyone is safe. We would talk to you about this before we do anything. 


You may find the answer to some of your questions by looking through this website where you will find helpful videos and downloadable factsheets on:


Bexley IASS aims to promote good working relationships between children, young people, parents, education settings, health and Local Authority services. Empowering parents, carers and young people to play an active and informed role, ensuring their voice is heard in any decisions relating to education, health & social care support.

Meet the Team

Bexley IASS are dedicated to providing you with impartial information, advice and support, this small team works across the London Borough of Bexley.

Kathie Canavan is the IASS Coordinator at Bexley IASS. 

Katy Green is IASS Officer at Bexley IASS.

If you can’t find the answers to your questions on this website, you can get in touch by phone or email. You choose which method works best for you. 


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