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Toileting & Personal Care

Bladder and bowel problems are known as incontinence issues.

These can be common amongst children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities and they can be stressful to them and to their families.

However there are several dedicated organisations in the UK that can help you manage or overcome these difficulties.

Please have a look at the following links if you or your child are suffering as consequence of wetting and soiling problems:

Potty Training for children with additional needs
Happy Bladders and Toileting in School 

If your child or the young person is experiencing bowel/bladder issues which are related to a health condition, schools have a duty to meet these needs.

Issues with toileting can be due to a medical condition and may be defined as a disability under the Equality Act 2010. Some children or young people may need to wear continence pads and should not be refused admission to educational settings on the grounds of this as the educational setting has a duty to make reasonable adjustments.

For more information please click here: Equality & Inclusion / Medical needs at school

Support at schools

On this page, you can find information and support if you are finding your School work difficult.

Are you finding your School work difficult? If yes, you can:

  • Speak to your teacher
  • Tell your parents/carers
  • Write down what you are finding difficult and give this to someone you trust.
  • Your teacher might be able to offer you more help if you let them know.

What can support look like:

  • A special learning programme
  • Extra help from a teacher or a learning support assistant
  • Making or changing materials and equipment
  • Working in smaller groups
  • Supporting you with physical or personal care, such as eating, getting around school safely, toileting or dressing
  • Advice and/or extra help from specialists.

You can use this resource called The Yellow Brick Road to help you. This has been created by the Information Advice and Support Service Network.

For for further information to support your understanding of bowel and bladder issues,
please visit:

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