We appreciate your comments and feedback at Bexley IASS, good and bad and we welcome parents, carers and young people, who have an interest in what we do, to help shape our service.

Bexley IASS supports parents, carers and young people (aged 16+), known as ‘Service Users’.

Service users are asked to provide feedback about the service they have received. This is anonymously used to:

  • improve the service provided
  • monitor and evaluate the types of enquiries received
  • provide data for funding and commissioning services
  • identify gaps in the required information


Service Users can provide feedback to Bexley IASS AT ANY TIME  by contacting us by email or telephone, or by completing the ‘Contact Us’ form below:

This is what parents, carers and young people had to say about Bexley IASS.

image of three people with smiles on there faces

Service User 1

“I would like to thank Bexley IASS from the bottom of my heart for all the support and help you have provided to us in this. Without your help , it would have been more difficult for us as a family. Really thankful to you”.


A adult and child smiling in a public place

Service User 2

Just being able to get things off your chest and to have somebody give you the confidence that you are doing the right thing is enough. I was able to go into the school and confidently put my arguments forward which means that there was no need for a complaint or anything like that. I’ve told other people about your service.”

a close up of a women and a child hugging

Service User 3

“You [IASS] have been absolutely brilliant. Couldn’t have got through the last year without you. Finally, somebody listened to me.”

service user P3 Feedback

The teacher has started listening to me”

“He (the child) feels a bit more included now. The SENCO gets it”

“I didn’t understand a lot. I now know how to explain my child’s needs”

“I have stopped worrying about my child’s future”

“I cannot thank IASS enough, my children are so happy”

“Things have changed for the better”

“I could not have done it without IASS”

“I was ready to give up, but then i found IASS”

“I think it was fair and balanced”

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