Getting help at School

Everyone learns in different ways and at different speeds so if you are unsure about something or you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed because of school, there are always things you can do.

Who should I speak to to ask for help?

When school isn’t working out for you it can make you feel worried, frustrated or unhappy. Everyone is different so the help they need to do well at school is going to be different too. The most important thing is getting your views heard. That way staff can help you get the best out of school or college

Who you can speak to:

  • Your parents or carers
  • Your class teacher, form tutor, the school SENCO (Special Needs Co Ordinator), Inclusion Manager or another member of school staff
  • You can speak to us: Bexley SEND IASS

    You can contact us by telephone, email or ask your parent carer to fill in our self referral form on the website. The links are below: 

Call us on:
 0203 045 5976

Email us at:
 [email protected]

Ask your parent carer
to fill in a self referral form

What is Special Educational Needs Support at School?

This is sometimes called SEN Support.

If you have difficulty in learning or taking part in education because of your Special Educational Needs or a Disability, the school should give you support to help you.

Your teacher will tell you and your parent carers what additional support you may need.This does not mean you can’t learn, you just need things taught in a slightly different way, we are all different.

Our advice will help you understand what SEN support you ask for at school.

We can also support you in getting your views across in meetings at school when you are discussing your needs or what would help you best.

You can find more information below on SEN Support in schools for both yourself and your parent carer to read through (or watch the helpful video’s if you prefer ).

Below is a short film (3.24 minutes) explaining what SEN Support in school is. 

We would like to thanks Suffolk SEND IASS for allowing us to use this video. 

For further information and downloadable resources for Parent Carers please see our SEN Support website section:

Get Informed – EDUCATION: SEN Support – Bexley IASS

What is an Education, Health & Social Care Plan (EHCP)?

Sometimes your school or college may not be able to give you all the support you need, and if you are not making expected progress you may need to apply to have an Education, Health and Social Care Needs Assessment to find out what extra support you need. 

An  EHCP is a legal document.

It clearly states the support you should have to ensure you are supported at School or College. An EHCP will state which school you should attend and clearly list what practical things the school can do to help you. 

Below is a short film (3.18 minutes) which will explain more about what an EHCP is.

Below you will find some questions we have been asked by Children & Young People about the EHCP. If you do not find the answer to your question here, please contact us, we would be happy to answer your questions. 

What is an EHCP?

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An EHCP says in writing what help you need in school or college and how they will support you. It may also explain what help you need outside of school or college. For example, things that help you develop independence skills or manage your mental health

How can an EHCP help me?

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* We are all different so every EHCP is different. * It will have information like: Who you are. How you communicate. What you want to achieve. Why you need help with things. What kind and amount of support you need, and how often you must get it. Where you go to school or college.

Who can get an EHCP?

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If you need more help and support with your learning than is generally offered in school or college then an EHC plan may be helpful. If you are under 25, then you can be considered for an EHC plan. The EHCP will stop if: You go to University or if you get a job

Do you already have an EHCP in place?

If you have an Education, Health and Social Care Plan you may already know this should be reviewed every 12 months. (this is known as an Annual Review) 

The document below may help you to gather your thoughts about what you would like to discuss with your parent carers and teachers before that meeting. Your views are very important because this is your EHCP and specifically written to support you. 

If you plan to go along to the EHCP Annual Review meeting and would like some helpful tips on how to prepare and what to expect from the meeting, please CLICK HERE where you will go to our page: Your Views & opinions.  

For further information and downloadable resources for Parent Carers please see our EHCP Section: Get Informed – The Education, Health & Social Care Plan (EHCP) – Bexley IASS

Are you moving from Primary School to Secondary?

The move from primary school to secondary school can feel overwhelming.

You may be worried that:

  • You don’t know the new buildings or the new teachers
  • You won’t fit in
  • There might be too much homework
  • You won’t make new friends

It’s important to remember that this is how everyone will be feeling and everyone in your new year group has just started too.

You may find the video to your right helpful to watch. (6.44 minutes)
It has been produced by children and young people with special educational needs and / or a disability who have made the transition from primary school to secondary. 

If you and your parent carers would like more information please go to the Bexley Local Offer Transitioning from Primary to Secondary School page: Click Here

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